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Stories have always been a big passion of mine. I penned my first short film A Goldfish in a Blender in 2001 and completed a MA Screenwriting at Bournemouth Univerity in 2004.


Animation or live action, radio or TV, corporate or commercial, fact or fiction – whatever you're looking for, I can help bring your message to life  on the screen or on air.

Here are a few TV and film credits I have under my belt:

Soli & Mo - 7 minute episode of mixed media pre-school series for ITV

Tootles - 5 minute  pilot episode for pre-school series

Breakfast with Elvis - 30 minute drama filmed by Taps

The Island of Inis Cool - 4 x 11 minute episodes of childrens animation series

Goldfish in a Blender - 3 minute short film for Screen Gems

Got a few spare minutes? Watch some of my videos. Or if you'd like to read  sample scripts, please get in touch.

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